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Rugged Systems

CEEMA Technology are leaders in the design and development of rugged systems & products for the harsh environments seen in military and industrial applications.

We recognise that for many sectors, including Defence and Commercial as well as industries relating to Road, Rail and Sea, ruggedisation is critical for the protection of sensitive or commercial grade equipment deployed and operating in harsh environments.

At CEEMA Technology we utilise best-in-class design, test and manufacturing methodologies to provide necessary ruggedisation solutions for our customers. Our rugged systems and products provide strength and environmental protection and are designed, developed and manufactured to deliver reliable operation in extreme environments including extreme weather, temperature, shock and vibration.


Meeting Defence and Military Standards

CEEMA works to the following defence and military standards and specifications:

Environmental (Shock, Vibration, Temperature)

DEF-STAN 00-35
For UK Defence Equipment
For US Defence Equipment