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Cables and Cable Harnesses

The performance of wiring harness products is critical. The parts not only have to survive some of the most hostile environments in the world, but they must also be built to last. When it comes to wiring harnesses an emphasis on quality is essential across all industries, particularly in the defence sector. 

Understanding the needs of the military sector has been a key factor in CEEMA Technology’s success across the defence market and beyond; the company leverages its defence expertise by applying the same quality methods to service all industries resulting in a high grade product every time.

CEEMA Technology has extensive knowledge of cable harness components and materials used in MIL-spec wiring systems including connectors, backshells, wire and heatshrink tubing. The company recognises that manufacturing techniques used to combine them all together as wiring looms is of equal importance to the performance of the finished cable assembly.

Cables and Harnesses

Quality Wiring Harness from CEEMA Technology

When quality is paramount and you are looking for component integration or milspec solutions CEEMA Technology can support you in your wiring harness requirements:

  • High build quality, derived from years of defence quality standards
  • In-house design and build ability
  • Prototyping built to production standard
  • One-off build solution

Meet the Needs of Your Products & Markets

CEEMA Technology services key markets and products, including:

  • Artillery
  • Land vehicles
  • Aero
  • Communications
  • Naval
  • Medical
  • All products & markets requiring bespoke cable solutions

Integrating a Variety of Connectors

At CEEMA Technology we have the ability to integrate the following connectors:

  • MIL5015, MIL38999 & other Circular  connectors
  • D Type, DIN, Mini DIN, Micro D, NanoD
  • RJ45, USB, CAT5/6 and other Data connectors
  • BNC and other standard RF connectors


Operating to IPC Standards, and under the control of our ISO 9001:2008 quality system, our skilled technicians ensure that all cables and cable harnesses are manufactured to the highest standards providing robust and reliable end products.